New Forms Are on the Way!

New forms are on the way! We have been working with our lab partners since last year to provide a smooth transition. We have already ordered a batch for you, but the lab is limiting orders to no more than 25 per batch. If you need more, please email to order. The old forms can be used after the expiration date, but the collector will need to complete the attached memorandum for record (MFR). If you do not have your new forms by the expiration, please send a copy of the MFR with the donor to the collection site. You may also want to include the instructions below:


Preview the new form look:

The labs do not charge for DOT drug testing forms, but please limit your orders to a 1 year supply as the labs are already back ordered and experiencing some delays fulfilling orders. Please note that we do offer an electronic form option at no additional charge. The electronic form option allows the use of the new forms eliminating the need to wait for the paper forms. Email for more information.

Important Dates

  • August 29, 2021 – last date to use the ‘old Federal CCF’.
  • August 30, 2021 – date required for using the ‘New Federal revised CCF’.  If you use the ‘old CCF’, you must complete a Memorandum for the Record (MFR). Otherwise, the test will be canceled.

What Are The Changes?

  • The revised CCF includes an option for oral fluid testing for certain federal testing agencies and divisions (does not include USDOT at this time)
  • Revisions under Step 1 for State/CDL information
  • Revisions under Step 1 for Collector, “Other” Contact Information, such as email address, etc.

How to Use the MFR With An ‘Old CCF’

  • Complete the MFR (A MFR can be obtained from NTA)
  • Insert the completed MFR along with ‘Copy 1’ of the CCF in the back pouch of the specimen bag to go the lab
  • Insert the sealed specimen bottles in the front pouch, seal the specimen bag and forward to the lab for processing


  • How do we use the oral fluid testing?
    • Oral fluid testing is not allowed for DOT regulated employers yet. They are still working on reviewing it as a viable option. This was done for the other federal testing agencies and divisions that share this form with DOT regulated employers.
  • How long does it take to get the forms?
    • The labs are currently short staffed and backlogged with orders. It is taking anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to receive forms. In the interim, you can use the MFR and continue testing as normal or you can use electronic chains through one of our solutions. If you do not wish to schedule your donors online for testing, you can have them call our office and we can do it for you until your new chains arrive.
  • How do I use the electronic forms?
  • Do the collectors know how to use the MFR?
    • The collectors should know how to use the MFR. However, not all collectors are trained the same. Feel free to share the “How to Use the MFR with An ‘Old CCF” with the collector. This will help ensure you don’t have any issues at the collection site.
  • What if the collector refuses to do the collection using the old chain?
    • Call our office immediately, while still at the collection site. This will allow us to speak to the collector and attempt to resolve the concern and provide the collector with proper instruction.  
  • Why weren’t we already shipped the new form?
    • The new forms weren’t made available until mid-June based on the DOTs recommendation to the labs. Since they were made available we have been ordering them for our clients, but the labs are still backordered. Please keep in mind every DOT company is having to get new forms. It is a bit of an undertaking to get it complete. We are working very closely with our lab partners to ensure a smooth transition.