About Us


Nationwide Testing Association, Inc. began substance abuse testing programs for the workplace in 1986, primarily for USDOT regulated employers. As Drug Free Workplace guidelines became more prevalent nationwide in the early 1990’s, NTA, Inc. added those services for non-DOT regulated employers. In addition to our substance abuse management programs, we offer a full range compliance, training and investigative reporting services. Substance abuse management is one of the better tools in the prevention of any potential threats to staff, customers, and shareholders. Studies have shown that drug and alcohol testing programs reduce costs associated with absenteeism, accidents, and counterproductive work. NTA, Inc. will customize a substance abuse testing program to meet your specific needs.

NTA, Inc. currently offers US Department of Transportation (DOT) and Drug Free Workplace turnkey testing programs for employers, small and large. We maintain numerous collection sites nationwide, provide complete Medical Review Officer(MRO) service, prepare policy development, and host employee and supervisor training. Other services and supplies provided are: “instant” drug testing kits, evidential breath testing equipment, alcohol screening test devices and training, background checks, motor vehicle reports (MVRs), hair drug testing, on-site specimen collections, generating random selection, random consortium groups for the smaller employer, and DOT Compliance Consulting Services.
We understand the sensitive nature of drug and alcohol testing. Our staff of customer service representatives is knowledgeable, motivated, and dedicated to ensuring that customers are receiving the best service possible.

NTA, Inc. strives to present a quality substance abuse testing program for each client. Our objective is to provide awareness of drug and alcohol use and abuse in the workplace to both supervisors and employees, and to offer a heightened level of awareness improving morale and safety.

The service relationship with our clients is a privileged responsibility and our customers indicate that our level of customer service has been key to our success.

NTA, Inc. appreciates our clients and we make every effort to provide the best service possible. Click here to leave feedback and let us know how we are doing.