Did A “Vicks Inhaler” Cause My Positive Test?

Vicks Inhaler

When a drug screen comes back positive for methamphetamines, and you think it could be due to a “Vicks Inhaler,” it is essential to request a D & L isomers test. Methamphetamines have two isomers, D Methamphetamine, and L Methamphetamine. D Methamphetamine is a scheduled two controlled substance commonly known as “meth” or “speed.” Desoxyn, a prescription drug also contains D Methamphetamine.

The L methamphetamine is not a controlled substance. It is found in an over the counter medicine called a “Vicks Inhaler” or in the prescription drug, Selegiline. L Methamphetamine can be produced in the illegal production of street Methamphetamine.  When a D & L Isomers test is completed, the medical review office will review the results. Urine containing 20% or more D Methamphetamine is consistent with exposure to the schedule 2 substance. If the sample contains less than 20% D Methamphetamine, then the positive could have been caused by the “Vicks Inhaler.”

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