Entry-Level Driver Training, What’s new?

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The Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced a final rule streamlining the process and reducing the cost to upgrade from a Class B to Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). By adopting a new curriculum, this rule is predicted to save eligible driver trainees and motor carriers $18 million annually.

Elaine L. Choa, Transportation Secretary, said: “Today’s action demonstrates the Department’s commitment to reducing regulatory burdens and addressing our nation’s shortage of commercial drivers.”

The amendment to Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) regulations will require the same level of theory training for individuals obtaining a CDL for the first time. FMCSA recognizes that Class B CDL holders have prior training or experience; they should not be required to receive the same level of theory training as individuals who have never held a CDL.

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