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Behind the Scenes of the Medical Review Officer Process During this webinar, we will discuss the Medical Review Officer and give you an in-depth look at our process!
12/2/202110:00am EST1 hour
Substance Abuse and Addiction in the workplace Substance Abuse and Addiction in the workplace
12/7/202110:00am EST1 hour
FMCSA Vehicle Maintenance During this webinar, we will discuss the FMCSA vehicle maintenance, record keeping, and preventive maintenance programs.
12/8/202110:00am EST1 hour
Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training - DOT Regulated Employer This training is a must for the DER(s) of DOT regulated employers. There is much more to managing a DOT drug and alcohol testing program than sending the employee for testing. The DER must have a working knowledge of the DOT Agency regulations the employees are subject to as well as 49 CFR Part 40. An in-depth look at what the DER must know
12/14/202110:00am EST1 hour
Hair Testing, Oral Fluid Testing, and Urine Drug Testing - Finding The Best Fit! Finding the best type of testing for your workplace!
12/15/202110:00am EST1 hour
CBD Oils and Medical Marijuana "During this training, you will learn about CBD Oils & Medical Marijuana and its impact on the workplace!
• CBD Oil vs. THC – what is the difference?
• Will CBD Oil products show up on a drug test?
• Medical Marijuana – Understanding the General Process
• Know Your State Laws
• Building Your Policy and Drug-Free Workplace Program– Important Considerations
• The Case Against Excluding Marijuana Testing"
12/16/202111:00am EST1 hour
Developing a Non-DOT Testing Program During this webinar, you will learn about developing a Non-DOT testing program.
12/21/202111:00pm EST-10020 minutes
Understanding the FMCSA Clearinghouse! During this webinar, we will explain what the clearinghouse is, who it applies to, a timeline of milestones leading up to and beyond implementation, using the clearinghouse, frequently asked questions, policy changes, and more! We hope you find the information beneficial!
12/28/202110:00am EST1 hour
Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor TrainingReasonable Suspicion Supervisory Training is required for supervisors of USDOT regulated employees and is recommended for non-regulated drug-free workplace environments.On DemandRegister
Driver Qualification File TrainingThis course provides the attendee with in-depth look at the driver qualification file requirements. Upon completion of the course, the attendee receives a certificate, a custom Driver Qualification File, and a Driver Qualification File Checklist.On DemandRegister
USDOT Urine Drug Screen Collector TrainingThis training course prepares individuals seeking to conduct USDOT Urine Drug Screen Collections as required by 49 CFR, Part 40. The class is approximately 4 hours in length and will cover all topics required to qualify as a USDOT Urine Drug Screen Collector.On DemandRegister
Alcohol Screening Test Technician TrainingIndividuals who are seeking to conduct USDOT Alcohol Screening Tests will benefit from this training course. The classes are approximately 2 hours in length each and covers all topics required to qualify as a USDOT Screening Test Technician.On DemandRegister